One in 68 Children has Autism


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Relias Learning is a leading learning management system that provides high-impact trainings and courses for educators and other professionals supporting individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. They’re being recognized as this year’s “Change Maker” for the impact these trainings have had on capacity building for organizations like QSAC. 

Karen and Robert Solomon and their family are the recipients of this year's Founders’ Award. This honor recognizes a QSAC family that has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to supporting the organization’s programs and services for the autism community in the spirit of QSAC’s founders. This year, QSAC is honoring Karen and Robert Solomon and their children for their giving of time, talent, and treasure to QSAC. 

SWIFT is being honored with our Corporate Leadership Award for their commitment to supporting QSAC’s programs and services for the autism community. The vision of a SWIFT employees helped spearhead the development of a new playground for children with autism at our Preschool and Early Childhood Center.