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Pre-High School Equivalency Program (Applied Reading, Writing, and Math)

QSAC launched its high school equivalency (HSE) program in 2020 with support from the New York State Education Department's High School Equivalency Office and the Heckscher Foundation. In response to the need for pre-HSE classes, QSAC launched a series of pre-HSE courses in 2021 focused on supporting people with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities to improve their reading, writing, and math skills that would be needed to prepare them for an HSE preparation program. While the program aims to prepare people for QSAC's HSE program, the classes provide learners with an opportunity to develop applied reading, writing, and math skills that help to support job readiness. The pre-HSE program is open to people with autism and other intellectual/developmental disabilities who are out of school and 18 years or older.

To begin the enrollment process, please email us at the address provided to request a registration form. All of the pre-HSE programs are offered free-of-charge, but may be subject to capacity limits.

Program Contact

Pre-HSE Team


212-244-5560 x2025

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