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Oleg Urman, MA

Director of Payroll

Driven by QSAC's mission, Oleg takes pride in providing payroll services of the highest quality possible to support our workforce, the company's greatest asset. As the Director of Payroll, Oleg and his team oversee all aspects of payroll administration. With his vision and proactive approach, Oleg and his team have enhanced payroll processes with a proven success record in establishing more organized, systematic, methodical, and efficient payroll processes and operations. Oleg's leadership and accurate interpretation of payroll needs, along with the strategic and innovative input in delivering productive results, have elevated the efficiency and effectiveness of payroll, departmental and organizational needs.

In addition to Oleg's payroll accolades and substantial payroll experience, Oleg holds a Master's degree in Organizational/Industrial Psychology (organizational behavior and design track) from Brooklyn College, City University of New York. He has been with QSAC for over 13 years, starting as Internal Auditor in 2008 with the payroll team.

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