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Assemblyman Ed Braunstein Continues Tradition of Bringing Holiday Cheer to QSAC Students

Assemblyman Ed Braunstein has continued his annual tradition of donating holiday gifts for students at the Whitestone Day School and the Douglaston Preschool and Early Childhood Center. The generosity of the Assemblyman and his team has brought joy to the lives of many families, and this year is no exception. In the picture to the right, QSAC staff gather with a representative from the Assemblyman's office to celebrate the arrival of this year's gifts for our students. His kind gesture will undoubtedly brighten up the holiday season for countless students. It's heartening to see leaders like Assemblyman Braunstein stepping up to help their communities during these trying times. We should all take a moment to appreciate his unwavering commitment to positively impacting young learners' lives.

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