Queens Village After School Program has a Science Fair

On December 4th at exactly 4PM, a volcano erupted in the gym room at Queens Village. Instead of chaos and stampede, there was applause and cheers being heard from the gym room. Approximately a month ago, the individuals and staff from the Queens Village ASP collaborated together to work on cognitive and team building skills.

Each room was given the opportunity to pick from a variety of science fair project topics, research on their topics, gather materials and conduct their own experiments. Some project topics that the individuals chose were: using Pepsi and Coca-Cola to figure out which made a better cleaning product, making slime using a variety of materials, erupting a miniature volcano, mixing cool and warm tone colors to predict the outcome, and figuring out whether larger or smaller paper maches maracas made better sounds. With the assistance of the staff members, individuals from each room put together a poster board and presented their science fair projects to their peers.

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