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Driving Change: Koeppel Subaru’s Commitment to Autism Community

At the heart of this inspiring story lies a multifaceted partnership that transcends traditional corporate philanthropy. Koeppel Subaru, a proud member of our community, has gone above and beyond mere financial support. Their commitment extends far deeper, touching lives in ways that ripple through families and communities.

QSAC, an organization dedicated to empowering individuals with autism, has been the fortunate recipient of Koeppel Subaru’s unwavering support. The Subaru Share the Love initiative has provided essential funding for QSAC’s programs, enabling critical services, support, and education for children and adults with autism and their families. But this partnership is more than just financial in nature. It’s about shared values and a genuine desire to make a difference. Koeppel Subaru understands that true impact goes beyond writing checks; it involves active engagement and meaningful connections.

Koeppel Subaru truly shines in its commitment to creating employment and internship opportunities for individuals with autism. By opening their doors to program participants, they’ve transformed lives. Imagine the joy of someone initially completing an internship at Koeppel Subaru—a chance to learn, grow, and contribute. Now, picture that joy magnified when they’re offered a permanent position! It’s not just a job; it’s a lifeline—a sense of purpose and belonging.

At QSAC’s annual gala, we celebrated one such success story. A program participant who started as an intern at Koeppel Subaru now holds a permanent role within their team. The applause echoed in the ballroom and the hearts of families who witnessed firsthand how this partnership changes lives. For families affected by autism, this partnership means hope. It means knowing their loved ones have opportunities to thrive, contribute, and build fulfilling lives. It’s about breaking down barriers and fostering inclusion.

Our partnership with Koeppel Subaru isn’t just important; it’s essential. It exemplifies how businesses can be catalysts for positive change. Together, we’re creating a world where autism isn’t an obstacle but a unique perspective that enriches our community. As we move forward, we’re committed to exploring new and innovative ways to collaborate. Whether it’s job training programs, awareness campaigns, or community events, Koeppel Subaru remains steadfast in its dedication.

So here’s to driving change—mile by mile, heart by heart—because when compassion meets action, lives are transformed.

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