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Support Groups & Trainings

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Training Consultants

Autism Training Consultants offer a range of training for professionals working with children and adults with autism spectrum disorders. The length and content of the presentations, workshops and hands-on training packages are developed based on the needs and interests of your organization and staff.

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Parent Support Group

Our Support Groups provide a forum for parents to share the successes and anxieties that arise from caring for a child with autism (offered in English and Spanish).

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Parent Training

The QSAC Parent Training program aims to provide caregivers with the tools necessary to improve the independence and quality of life of their loved one with autism or pervasive developmental disorder. It introduces parents and family members to various behavioral procedures that have proven successful in achieving behavior changes.

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Self-Advocacy Group

QSAC's Self-Advocacy Group meets every two weeks and participants are able to socialize while discussing pertinent issues as well as learning valuable social skills. Participants learn how to advocate for their rights and the rights of others with autism while working to achieve their goals.

Sibling Support Group

Siblings have special concerns and need acknowledgement of their feelings, as well as help in dealing with their emotions. The Sibling Group focuses on important topics such as understanding autism, building self-esteem and building stronger sibling relationships and support networks.

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Social Skills Group

We provide a Social Skills Group for individuals on the autism spectrum, targeting those with high functioning autism and Asperger's syndrome. The QSAC Social Skills Group will provide the participants with the communication, socialization, and interactive skills to thrive in various settings, similar to their typically developing peers.

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