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Day School

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About the Program

QSAC’s Day School program provides children 5 to 21 years of age with an appropriate education, implemented in the least restrictive environment. Each student in the QSAC Day School receives individualized programming designed and implemented in conjunction with the Committee on Special Education, the student’s family, school teacher, therapists, and the Director of the School. Each program is designed according to the principles of applied behavior analysis. The QSAC Day School also provides related services and offers family members the opportunity to participate in Parent Training Workshops and Family Support Groups.

Referrals for this program are made individually, with a coordinated effort by QSAC and the Committee on Special Education. Currently, the QSAC Day School has 12 separate classrooms, 11 of which are comprised of 6 children, one teacher, and three teacher assistants (6:1:3), and one classroom which is comprised of 8 children, one teacher and three teacher assistants (8:1:3). The QSAC Day School operates 12 months per year, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:15 AM – 2:45 PM.