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Защита жилищных прав

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Britney Hoobraj
(718)728-8476 Ext:2059

О программе

Our Housing Advocacy Program provides housing advocacy services for Brooklyn-based individuals and families with autism/developmental disabilities. The program utilizes an approach consistent with the values of Social Work to assist in managing housing needs and put such supports in place to minimize the probability of future housing challenges. The support QSAC’s Housing Advocates may provide include (but are not limited to):

Seeking and Referring to Rental Subsidies
Assisting with housing court issues and referrals to legal resources
Assistance with evictions
Assistance in seeking affordable living arrangements
Assistance seeking placements in OPWDD/Non-OPWDD residences
Assistance with back-rent and rent arrears
Assistance seeking and applying to benefits that reduce homelessness
Assistance to Care Managers (CM’s) unfamiliar with housing