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Day Habilitation

QSAC's Day Habilitation program is person-centered and helps develop consumer choice and the skills necessary for individuals to learn to become active and participating members of their own homes and communities.

Each participant's functional level is continually assessed, and programs and goals are developed that suit every individual's needs. Participants in the Day Habilitation program work on targeted goals and behaviors such as adaptive living, communication, and food preparation skills and eliminating inappropriate behaviors (such as aggression). Part of each participant's day is spent in the community, where participants develop a more productive role in society.

The Day Habilitation program is open to individuals 21 years of age or older diagnosed with autism or pervasive developmental disorder.

The program operates Monday through Friday, year-round, between the hours of 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM. Supervised transportation to and from the program is provided.

Program Contact

Farzana Karim


718-728-8476 x1233

Program Highlights
Staff Spotlight
Lance Palmer

Lance serves as a Group Leader at the Broadway Day Habilitation Program. Lance is both hardworking and dependable. He helps set the tone of positivity throughout the program and takes every opportunity he can get to set up fun and engaging activities. Recently, Lance started up a Fitness Club and put together a mini olympics for the Broadway DH. Lance is always thinking outside of the box- big thanks to Lance for all that he does!

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