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Parent Training

The QSAC Parent Training program aims to provide caregivers with the tools necessary to improve the independence and quality of life of their loved one with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

The training program introduces parents and family members to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) which uses behavioral procedures proven successful in achieving behavior changes to a diverse range of skills, including problem behaviors, communication, and social skills.

The program offers families 12 weeks of service with a 1-hour session per week and is open to families of individuals diagnosed with ASD. OPWDD eligibility is required.

Parents also have the option of attending the ABA Parent Workshop series. Open to all members of individuals (child and adult) who are diagnosed with ASD. Enrollment in QSAC services and OPWDD eligibility is not required.

Topics include Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), The Power of Reinforcement, Increasing Communication, Challenging Behavior 1: Assessment and Functions, Challenging Behavior 2: Strategies and Interventions, Increasing Structure: Token Economies and Activity Schedules, Increasing Independence: Activities of Daily Living and Behavioral Skills Training, and Understanding the Social Environment and Teach Social Skills.


For more information about the program, please contact:

Parent Workshops

Rocio E. Chavez

(718)728-8476 ext. 1414

One-on-One Parent Training

Babina Chetry

(718)728-8476 ext. 1015

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