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Douglaston Preschool

245-37 60th Avenue
Douglaston, NY 11362
(718) 7-AUTISM x1500

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The QSAC Preschool provides an intensive special educational environment for preschoolers on the autism spectrum. We develop and enhance a child’s academic, communication, self-help, and social skills, in accordance with the child’s Individualized Education Program as determined by his/her committee on Preschool Special Education.

QSAC offers a center-based preschool program that provides children between the ages of 3 and 5 with an appropriate education in the least restrictive environment. We have class sizes of 6:1:2, 6:1:3, 8:1:2, and 12:1:2. The “appropriateness” of each child’s education is determined by the educational and behavioral goals outlined in each student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP).

The preschool is a full-day, 12-month program with small classrooms led by New York State Certified Special Education Teachers. All programmatic instruction at the preschool is implemented according to the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA), and related services, such as speech therapy, are also provided as outlined by each child’s IEP.

QSAC’s Preschool in Douglaston is funded by the New York State Education Department and New York City Department of Education or Nassau County School Districts.

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Joseph Traegler, M.S.Ed., SBL

Joe currently serves as the Director of the Preschool and Early Childhood Center at QSAC. Joe began working at QSAC’s Preschool as a teacher in 2002. Three years later, he would be promoted to Clinical Supervisor of the Preschool, overseeing the writing and implementation of students’ IEPs, amongst other responsibilities. In 2015, he became Director of the program and now works to ensure that the Preschool’s educational services and practices are of the highest quality and fully compliant with all regulatory policies. Joe graduated Magna Cum Laude from St. John’s University with a B.A. in Elementary Education before returning for an M.S. in Early Childhood Special Education.