Support Groups & Training


At QSAC, our goal is to help all caregivers improve the independence and quality of life of their loved ones. In addition to a sibling support group and parent training group, we also offer various workshops and trainings for those who care for or live with individuals with autism. QSAC also offers training programs for educators, nonprofits, and government agencies.

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Training Consultants

QSAC Autism Training Consultants offer a range of training for professionals working with children and adults with autism spectrum disorders. The length and content of the presentations, workshops and hands-on training packages are developed based on the needs and interests of your organization and staff. Training topics include:

  • Introduction to Autism/ABA
  • Increasing Communication
  • Replacing Inappropriate Behavior
  • Incidental Teaching
  • Promoting Social Interactions
  • Reinforcer Assessments
  • Toilet Training and many more.
For more information please call (718) 7-AUTISM.

Parent Support Group

QSAC’s Support Groups provide a forum for parents to share the successes, disappointments, and anxieties that arise from caring for a child with autism. For more information about the Parent Support Group, please call Madelyn Wolfin at (718) 7-AUTISM ext.1519 or email her at

Parent Training

The QSAC Parent Training program aims to provide caregivers with the tools necessary to improve the independence and quality of life of their loved one with autism or pervasive developmental disorder. The training program introduces parents and family members to various behavioral procedures that have proven successful in achieving behavior changes when applied appropriately to a diverse range of skills, including toilet training, communication and interpersonal behavior skills. The program offers families 12 weeks of service with a 1-hour session per week, and is open to families of individuals diagnosed with autism or pervasive developmental disorder. Past topics included: Introduction to Autism, Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Reinforcement, ABA Teaching Methods: Discrete Trial and Incidental Teaching, Toilet Training, Increasing Language and Communication, Daily Living Skills: Chaining and Task Analysis, Activity Schedules, Behavior Problems and Treatment, Self Management, Generalization: Making Behavior Change Last and more! For more information about the QSAC Parent Training, please call Babina Chhetry at (718) 7-AUTISM or email her at

Sibling Support Group

Siblings have special concerns and need acknowledgement of their feelings, as well as help in dealing with their emotions. The Sibling Group focuses on important topics such as understanding autism, building self-esteem and building stronger sibling relationships and support networks. For more information about the Sibling Support Group, please call Madelyn Wolfin at (718) 7-AUTISM ext.1519 or email her at

Social Skills Group

QSAC provides a Social Skills Group for individuals on the autism spectrum, targeting those with high functioning autism and Asperger's syndrome. Individuals with autism exhibit the most profound deficits in socialization, peer interaction and typical communication, which can have a great impact on their success and overall progress. QSAC operates a Social Skills Groups in Manhattan and a second group in Queens. Participants must be residents of the borough for the group they wish to join. The QSAC Social Skills Group will provide the participants with the communication, socialization, and interactive skills to thrive in various settings, similar to their typically developing peers. For more information about the Social Skills Group, please call Rocio Chavez at (718) 7-AUTISM or email her at