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Community Habilitation

The Community Habilitation program is primarily a skills training program designed to assist families caring for their loved ones with disabilities living at home.

Day Habilitation

QSAC's Day Habilitation program is person-centered and helps develop consumer choice and the skills necessary for individuals to learn to become active and participating members of their own homes and communities.

Emergency Respite Fund

QSAC has funds available to assist families living in Queens to pay for emergency respite for their disabled loved ones in times of crisis.

Family Reimbursement Program

The QSAC Family Reimbursement program allocates funds to families to reimburse goods and services not covered under any existing benefits or entitlements.

Housing Advocacy

Our Housing Advocacy Program provides housing advocacy services for Brooklyn-based individuals and families with autism/developmental disabilities. The program utilizes an approach consistent with the values of Social Work to assist in managing housing needs and put such supports in place to minimize the probability of future housing challenges.

Job Club (Virtual)

This group provides support, guidance, networking opportunities, and training for individuals with disabilities who are currently employed or are searching for employment.

Overnight Respite

QSAC's overnight respite program offers the opportunity for greater independence for participants while giving a weekend of relief to caregivers.

Residential Services

QSAC Residential programs feature Individualized Residential Alternatives and Intermediate Care Facilities that offer home environments that foster independence, community integration, individualization, and productivity.

Respite at Home

The QSAC In-Home Respite program seeks to provide scheduled care to individuals with autism or pervasive developmental disorder in their homes.

Self-Advocacy Group

QSAC's Self-Advocacy Group meets every two weeks. Through the advocate-led group, advocates have opportunities to socialize while discussing pertinent issues and learning valuable skills. Participants learn how to advocate for their rights and the rights of others with autism.

Vocational (Employment) Services

QSAC’s ACCES-VR services support individuals with autism and other disabilities by identifying and pursuing their vocational goals.

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