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QSAC Hosts South Korean Delegation to Share Knowledge on Special Education

Feb 20, 2024

Recently, QSAC Whitestone Day School had the pleasure of hosting a delegation from South Korea on their tour of programs supporting learners with autism. The delegation had already visited public schools in District 75 before stopping by QSAC, their last stop in New York, before they headed to Chicago to see other schools.

Inae Kim, a former teacher at QSAC, was the one who connected the group to the school. The delegation consisted of Youngju Ku, a special education supervisor from Daegu’s Department of Education, Dr. Moonsang Jeong, an engineering director, Dr. Shin Joowon Shin from Daegu Haany University, and Ahhyun Ahn, a supervisor of SPZ.

The purpose of the delegation’s visit was to better understand the landscape of special education services in the United States. Additionally, they aimed to gain insight into the evidence-based strategies employed in special education. Specifically, they were interested in observing the use of applied behavior analysis (ABA).

The delegation also sought a deeper understanding of the process involved in developing Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), establishing goals, and assessing progress based on the individual needs of special education students. They wanted to explore the feasibility of applying a modified system in South Korea.

Upon returning to South Korea, the delegation plans to contribute to developing special education by engaging in continued research, learning, and teaching college students about special education.

QSAC’s Whitestone Day School was honored to have the opportunity to share their experience and knowledge with the delegation from South Korea. The visit was an excellent opportunity for both parties to exchange ideas and learn from each other.

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