Services for

Students & Children

QSAC's services for children and students with autism spectrum disorders include early childhood services for children between the ages of 0 and 5, a day school in Queens and The Bronx for children between the ages of 5 and 21, after school programs throughout New York City, a respite program, evaluations, career and college counseling services for students, work-based learning, and more. Below is a listing of our services for students and children. Simply click on the program's name to learn more.

Click on a program to learn more:

What is your typical process and turnaround times?

  1. Client fills out video intake.
  2. We chat to discuss all details.
  3. We coordinate all aspects of production.
  4. You send via Dropbox all assets to be integrated.
  5. In 7-10 business days (rush jobs available), we deliver an online draft for your feedback.
  6. Most projects include one major and one minor review pass.
  7. In 3-5 business days, we incorporate your feedback, although additional review passes are available for an additional fee.
  8. You receive a final high resolution file via Vimeo download, or we FTP to a specified server.
  9. DVD authoring & duplication / USB delivery also available.

What are your standard rates?

Although we work with most budgets (within reason), our standard pricing is as follows:

  • each full shoot day $1800+
  • each half shoot day $900+
  • (add $180 for over 50 miles travel)
  • typical videos start at 3 days of editing ($450/day)
  • rush edits (< 5 business days) $300+

What should I look for in a good video production team?

  • How good is the existing image and audio quality of their videos?
  • How natural and confident do their on-camera interviewees look and sound?
  • If I need help crafting the final message, do these video professionals have good listening and story crafting skills?
  • Do they understand how to convey a coherent message in a short period of time, with good flow, pacing, style, and transitions?
  • Do they have a good sense of visual and graphic design, framing, and composition?
  • For more complex projects, are they good at managing client expectations and giving realistic deadlines?
  • Are they organized, reliable, and able to deliver on time and within budget?

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

We're naturally curious, so learning your story and figuring out what you most need to tell is a fun challenge for us. We love the story design process and the magic of crafting your story into a video experience that informs, inspires a call to action, or immerses viewers in who you are. But most importantly, we love watching people's businesses grow as a result of our work and becoming thought partners as they grow their success.

How does your service stand out?

Field Station Media works closely with you to create high-definition, professional quality videos, websites, and graphic designs that tell your story to the right audiences, powerfully. We fulfill all stages of the video making process, from story design to multi-camera location shoots to storyboarding, post-production editing, music composition, and audio mix-down. We've helped previous clients raise over 50k for a Kickstarter campaign, get acquired by a multinational company, reach unicorn status as a Silicon Valley startup, captured milestone events for non-profits, and crafted unique promotional videos for small to large businesses. We listen deeply to understand your needs, are easy to work with, great at the details, and passionate about converting your audiences into your number one fans.